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Security information and event management (SIEM) is an approach to security management that seeks to provide a holistic view of an organization’s information technology (IT) security. SIEM combines SIM (security information management) and SEM (security event management) functions into one security management system. The acronym is pronounced “sim” with a silent e.

The underlying principle of a SIEM system is that relevant data about an enterprise’s security is produced in multiple locations and being able to look at all the data from a single point of view makes it easier to spot trends and see patterns that are out of the ordinary.

Custodis-IT managed SIEM provides a fast and cost-effective way for organizations with limited security staff and budget to address compliance and threat management needs. With all of the essential security controls built-in, our managed SIEM puts complete security visibility within fast and easy reach of smaller security teams who need to do more with less.

Whether large or small, all organizations need complete visibility to:

* Identify emerging threats across their environments
* Respond quickly to incidents and conduct thorough investigations
* Measure, manage, and report on compliance (PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and more)
* Optimize their existing security investments and reduce risk

Custodis-IT managed SIEM provides this complete security visibility by providing the five essential security capabilities in our unified platform:

* Asset discovery – active and passive network discovery
* Vulnerability assessment – active network scanning, continuous vulnerability monitoring
* Threat detection – IDS, host-based IDS (HIDS), file integrity monitoring, etc.
* Behavioral monitoring – netflow analysis, log normalization, etc.
* Security intelligence – log management, SIEM event correlation, etc.

All of these capabilities are already built-in and managed through our security control centre.

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